8 Shopping Places Osaka 2022 Travel to Japan, shop hard, make it worthwhile!

Besides Tokyo Osaka it is Shopping Japan equally famous no matter which way you look We will see the streets surrounded by shops. Shopping malls, restaurants and many entertainments for those who have plans Osaka trip Follow us to check in 8 Shopping Places Osaka 2022 It’s full of fashion products, cosmetics, electronic products, souvenirs, and many more. Definitely like all shopping people~

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Travel Japan, go shopping Osaka shopping

1. Dotonbori

Dotonbori Area

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Dotonbori Area (Dotonbori 道頓堀) Shop Delicious food, entertainment and fun activities The colorful Osaka stretches from Dotombori Bridge to Nipponbashi Bridge with Glico light sign It is a landmark of this place, so outstanding that everyone has to stop to take photos with the waterfront sign. Otherwise, it’s like you haven’t arrived.

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travel :

  • Nankai Honsen Line, get off at Namba Station.
  • Subway Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sennichi Line, get off at Osaka-Namba Station.
  • Subway Sennichimae Line, Sakaisuji Line, get off at Nihombashi Station.

Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/h4nbwG44mygyiH6j9


2. Shinsaibashi

Shinsaibashi area

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Near the Dotonbori area, we will find Shinsaibashisuji (Shinsaibashi-Suji 心斎橋筋商店街) A bustling shopping street in Shinsaibashi area (Shinsaibashi 心斎橋筋) that stretches for a distance of 600 meters, along the way we can see various shops. whether it is a leading fashion brand Cosmetics, food, souvenirs, drug stores and many more.

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travel :

  • Nankai-Kuko Line, get off at Namba Station

Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/zGRkWVk3BkAwvpVu7


3. DENDEN Town

Denden Town

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Indulge in shopping and eating Let’s please some otaku at Denden Town or Nipponbashi DENDEN Town Game store, model shop, manga and anime store in Namba area.smaller Akihabara (Akihabara) in Tokyo, but there is a large, full-fledged store. You can also find rare collectible items at a cheaper price than Tokyo. This event, cartoon lovers must not miss it~

Read the full review at Denden Town DENDEN Town Akiba District of Osaka

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travel :

  • Take the Sakaisuji or Hankai Line, get off at Ebisucho Station.
  • Take the Sennichi-mae or Sakaisuji Line to Nipponbashi Station.

Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/T3Yj6bCyfC3hWUps8


4. Shinsekai

Shinsekai area

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Walk straight south of Denden Town and you’ll find Shinsekai area (Shinsekai 新世界本通商店街) is another bustling shopping area in Osaka with a wide selection of local goods, souvenirs, and foods to choose from. It is also a popular hangout place at night, with many restaurants, eateries and dessert shops. Like shoppers, foodies for sure!

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Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/NxGwN3tGLeWTcxor9


5. America or American Village

american village

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Hip people gather here! american village (American Village) or America (アメリカ村) Osaka’s fashion hub with many brand products imported from America Especially street fashion stores. brand name store and chic item stores Whenever I’m hungry, I go to a restaurant. And candy shops can find delicious food at all. Enjoy walking without getting bored.

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travel :

Subway M–Midosuji Line or Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line, get off at Shinsaibashi Station.
Take the Yamatoji Line and get off at JR Namba Station.

Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/Q4UtTekmXVHRpR65A


6. Tennoji MIO

Tennoji Mio Department Store

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visit Tennoji District (Tennoji 天王寺). This place is like the center of Osaka. Because it is a large transport system integration point. both from Kansai Airport and nearby provinces It is also the location of Tennoji Mio Department Store (Tennoji MIO 天王寺ミオ), one of the largest department stores in the city. There are famous brands, fashion, cosmetics, restaurants, candy shops, electronic products. including school and the clinic Complete facilities ever.

travel :

  • Take the Midosuji Subway Line and get off at Tennoji Station.

Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/qW2tGDcGSHLBqRQ97


7. Wet

Umeda area

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Umeda area (Umeda 梅田) Another economic district of Osaka. A hub of leading department stores such as Herbis Plaza, HEP FIVE, Yodobashi Umeda, Grand Front Osaka, and many more, it is also close to Osaka JR Station and Umeda Station. It’s very convenient and beautiful.

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Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/3rkpTSUDRVAfDpn47


8. Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka

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Grand Front Osaka (Grand Front Osaka グランフロント大阪) large department store Distinctive with a modern, chic design. Next to Osaka JR Station, there are more than 260 shops, including restaurants, cafes, famous fashion brands, cosmetics, and many more. Plus, there is a rooftop where you can breathe in the air and take in the views of Osaka. softly too

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Coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/qPau5hKPBS7kf4YM9

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