84.4% of those affected by ERTE in the Basque Country had returned to work in September

Almost one in three private sector workers in the Basque Country was affected at some point by a FOR HIM between March and September of this year. However, at the end of September 84.4% of them had joined their jobs, according to the ‘Analysis of the working population affected by ERTE in Euskadi as a consequence of Covid-19‘, prepared by the Basque Council for Labor Relations.

Said report shows that between last March and September 30.4% of the Basque private sector workers was affected at some point by an ERTE. A total of 188,130 people: 106,422 men (56.6%) and 81,708 women (43.4%). However, at the end of September, 158,752 people had returned to work, 7,641 (4.1%) were unemployed, and 21,737 (11.6%) were still unemployed. FOR HIM.

From anonymous data provided by Professional, the study shows that of the people who received some ERTE benefit in the indicated period, 18.1% worked in Álava, 49.3% in Bizkaia and 32.6% in Gipuzkoa.

By age groups, ehe most affected group was 25 to 44 years old, with about 50% of the total, those over 45 years old were 44.1%, while those under 25 years old barely accounted for 6.4% of the total. Most of the people involved in one of these files (69.4%) worked in the service sector, 25.6% in industry and 4.4% in construction, while 0.4% he did it in the primary sector.

The average contribution base of people affected by ERTE in this period it stood at 1,990 euros, being that of men of 2,299 euros, and that of women of 1,589 euros (30% lower).

The temporary regulation of employment files have had a somewhat lower incidence among people with a high salary with contribution bases above 3,000 euros.

The percentage of incorporation of workers to their job It has been higher in industry (92.2%) and construction (88.2%) than in services (81.4%) and somewhat higher in men than in women, probably due to their greater presence in sectors such as industry and construction. In this way, the incorporation of hotel and restaurant workers (76.5%) is clearly lower than that of the other sectors.

By ages, those under 25 years of age have the lowest rate of incorporation, being within this group where a greater percentage of workers is observed who have finished in unemployment situation after having undergone an ERTE.


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