A 17-year-old Thai rising star, winning the clay court tennis championship in Poland – the first in Europe.

“Patty” Pimrada Jatawapornwanich, a 17-year-old Thai rising star, ranked 108th in the world youth, creating a masterpiece in playing on European soil. by winning the women’s singles championship From the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors, collecting points for the youth world rankings, “J Three Poznan 2021”, clay court battle in Poland on August 1, 2021

single female In the finals, “Patty” as the No. 1 hand of the list has to exert a duel against Sonia McAvoy, the 290th hand of the world youth from the United States, up to 3 sets in this match. Pimrada shows the mind that strong After turning the situation from being 3-5 behind opponents in the deciding set, before taking over and defeating the young American 2-1 in sets 6-3, 4-6 and 7-5 to win the women’s singles title succeeded in occupying This is the first time he has won the clay court as well.

In addition, Pimrada also collected an additional 100 points from the women’s singles championship and 27 points from reaching the semi-finals in the women’s doubles category.

After the race, “Patty” said that he was very happy to succeed. He had previously won an international youth championship. but never in Europe It was the first European championship and also the first clay court championship since tennis. very proud to have succeeded After not competing for a long time due to the covid-19 situation Thanks to the supporters of PTT or PTT, Lawn Tennis Association, Mr. Prasert Rungkumar, Chairman of CPPC Public Company Limited and Mr. Thanakorn Tangpoonphonwiwat. Managing Director of Avenco Soft Co., Ltd. that supports Including thanks to Mr. Chetphan Maksamphan, Ambassador of Thailand to Warsaw, for being so kind and always delivering food. and Thai people in Poland who help in various matters for next item Will continue to compete in Poland, the other two events, “J Three Sobata” from August 4-8 and “J Three Krakow” from August 11-15.


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