A Belgian couple completely vaccinated but not recognized as such by Belgium: “I find that very unfair and not logical”

It is not enough just to be vaccinated, it is still necessary to have received the right vaccine to be able to travel to Europe without worry this summer. This was observed by Yolande, 64, and her husband, Belgian residents of Samsun in Turkey, reports our colleagues from RTL info. The couple left Tournai a few years ago to settle in this city on the Black Sea. At the start of the year, he received the Chinese vaccine from the Sinovac laboratory. The second dose was injected on March 26.

This complete vaccination does not, however, allow the couple to go to Belgium within a few weeks to visit their child without having to respect quarantine rules, as provided for in the new measures of the consultation committee for people vaccinated. Indeed, they received a vaccine which is not recognized in the European Union, and therefore in Belgium either. “I find it very unfair and not logical“, Yolande confides by telephone to our colleagues, especially since the World Health Organization has recently decided to recognize this vaccine.

Four recognized vaccines

As a reminder, the European Commission has so far issued four conditional marketing authorizations for vaccines developed by BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen Pharmaceutica SA, following the positive evaluation of the EMA regarding their safety and efficacy.

“The others are free to also apply to the EMA to obtain an evaluation of their vaccine allowing a marketing authorization. Currently, the line at the level of the European Council and the Commission is to recognize only approved vaccines. by EMA “, explains Sabine Stordeur, French-speaking manager of the Vaccination Task Force in Belgium, to our colleagues at RTL.

Turkey, being outside the Schengen area and not part of the list of countries with which Belgium has an agreement, is a country to which is assigned the color code red. Quarantine is therefore necessary as well as a PCR test on the first and the 7th day.

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