A big claim on Apple phones, is the Apple company going to end?

The United States has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the multinational American technology company of maintaining its business monopoly in the smartphone market.

In this regard, US Attorney General Merrick Garland has said in a statement that consumers should not have to pay high prices for products due to companies violating antitrust laws. He added, “If Apple is not challenged, it will continue to strengthen its monopoly on smartphones.”

The lawsuit against Apple was filed on Thursday, with the US Department of Justice as well as the governments of 15 US states and the District of Columbia as plaintiffs.

They allege that Apple used its monopoly in the smartphone market to extort large sums of money from consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers and small merchants and businesses.

The plaintiffs say their request is aimed at ending Apple’s anti-competitive practices in the smartphone market and restoring competition to lower prices for consumers and fees for developers, as well as future innovation. can be ensured.

They claim that Apple has repeatedly deliberately lowered the quality of its products to prevent other companies from competing with them.

The petition also focuses on Apple’s App Store, whose regulations impose strict conditions on developers who want to introduce their applications to iPhone users.

The plaintiffs also allege that Apple is making it difficult for iPhone users to contact Android phone users through its messaging app.

In response to these allegations, Apple has said that the lawsuit may make it difficult for it to meet the demands and needs of its customers.

“This lawsuit threatens our identity and the principles that make Apple products unique in markets where competition is fierce,” the company said in a statement.

The appeal contends that the petition against him is “false on facts and law”.

It has vowed to “fully defend itself” in the case, warning that the lawsuit against it could “set a dangerous precedent, which will allow the government to harm ordinary consumers.” It can be empowering to make tough references to technology built for”.

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2024-04-22 10:27:34

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