A bold song rejected by Abdel Halim Hafez and banned from the show, and after a decade Latifa asked to sing it..you won’t believe what she said!!

Abdel Halim refused to perform a song after he was afraid of her words and considered them out of the ordinary and daring, and the song disappeared for many years to be sung after that by the Tunisian singer Latifa.

In previous statements by the Tunisian singer Latifa, in an interview with journalist Tharwat Fahmy, who published in his book Secrets of the Stars, she said that the song “Your Love Hadi” was presented by the late poet Abdel Wahhab Muhammad to the late musician Kamal Al-Taweel to compose it to be sung by the Brown Nightingale, but the project was not completed, and years after the death of Kamal Al-Tawil, the song came out to light. After it was composed by his son Ziad Al-Taweel and distributed by Yahya Al-Moga to be sung by her instead of Abdel Halim Hafez after many years in 1993.

And the boldness of the song, Latifa added, that the lyrics of the song “Your Love Hadi” express a strong woman, which made Abdel Wahab Muhammad ask her about the seriousness of her decision to sing the song, explaining that the audacity of the song prevented her from being shown on Egyptian television for 6 months.

The testimony of the poet’s wife, and this was also confirmed by Mrs. Khadija Al-Nasiri, the wife of the late poet Abdel Wahab Muhammad, and she said that the lyrics of the song remained forgotten by Kamal Al-Taweel, and after his departure, his son Ziad found the lyrics of the song, so he composed it to be sung by Latifa.

The lyrics of the song say the lyrics of the song, which was described as bold: Your love is calm, your love is calm, your love is calm / and I am tired of ordinary love, I want more than that / near I want more than that, a heart

I want a love that shakes my heart..Dana is full of ordinary love
Your love is calm, your love is calm, your love is calm, I want longing in your emotions, preferably igniting my love, I want your kindness to occupy my mind and my heart, and I want you to dictate my existence on it and renew my next life for me, I am on your way to feel that our hearts are far away, missing something that brings us closer and more new, new, to stay Jo Hwana does not leave Joanna bored.

And your love is calm, your love is quiet, this is Dana, I am filled with ordinary love. Ordinary love. I want more than this. Close. I want more than this. A heart.

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