A caller takes off the dress of shyness: (My wife and I masturbate greedily. What do we do)?… Heba Qutb’s sudden response shocks Omar Al-Laithi.!!

Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital relations consultant, always receives strange and embarrassing questions and answers them through a program clearly with Amr El-Leithi.

A caller said that he has been married for 10 years, and for a while he did not feel a desire for his wife, so he resorted to masturbation, noting that when he told his wife, he was surprised that she was also masturbating.

Dr. Heba Qutb, a marital relations consultant, responded, saying: “The couple’s mistake was not being frank, and that by telling them they themselves took the right direction, and the beginning of the path to a solution.”

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