A Closer Look at Tuchel’s Decision and Kimmich’s Physical Challenges: Analysis by Sports Information Service (SID)

2023-09-19 14:38:11

Tuchel also pointed out that Kimmich even had physical problems later on, which could have become even worse if he had been deployed for a longer period of time. “Jo (Kimmich) also had a reaction after the game, a bit of pain in training,” said Tuchel, who felt confirmed about the substitution. “So I think we did it right.”

Nevertheless, Tuchel stated that he could understand the ambitious Kimmich. “The fact that he always wants to play and sometimes forgets agreements or wants to play through the pain is understandable, completely understandable and not a problem at all,” clarified Tuchel, who saw no potential for conflict because of this.

With Sports Information Service (SID)

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