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Sergio Martínez, global CEO of the Keralty business group, talks about the projections they have as a company from a financial, scientific and business point of view for this 2021. The purpose is and will continue to be: “to take care of you and more people every day” .

The expansion process of Keralty, the business group that in Colombia has companies such as Colsanitas, Medisanitas, Colsanitas Clinics, the Sanitas University Foundation and EPS Sanitas, among others, has been successful as well as challenging. The experience acquired initially in Colombia and later in other countries has allowed the company to enter different markets around the world, always maintaining the focus of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities in which it operates.

In this framework, they maintain their purpose: “to take care of you and more people every day.” Therefore, they are committed to keeping their users healthy and autonomous, based on the prevention, identification and management of health risks, as well as the control and care of disease and dependency. This model has had outstanding results and reaches the 6 million people who today trust Keralty for their health and well-being through its own network and affiliated with the 859 cities of 9 countries where it is present. Its global CEO, Sergio Martínez, presents the company’s projections in the country.

1. Has Keralty remained strong despite the crisis? What are they going to do in 2021 to strengthen themselves in the midst of the pandemic?

From a financial point of view Keralty is a solid company. Despite the pandemic, during 2020 our users increased by 20%, because especially today people need to entrust a solid and excellent company with a good as precious as their health. Furthermore, those who already trust us today maintain their trust, this being the fourth consecutive year in which we renewed 100% of our large corporate clients. Likewise, the company’s reserves in Colombia grew during 2020, precisely to face 2021 with greater equity strength.

From a scientific point of view, our interest in the midst of the pandemic has focused on having the best biosafety protocols, as well as analyzing new health technologies. Bringing the best health practices to the country has been an articulated effort between our Global Institute of Clinical Excellence, the Sanitas University Foundation and our clinics, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Health .

From a business point of view, our knowledge networks are also being strengthened internationally with cooperation between the 9 countries in which we have a presence with the Keralty network, where we have established a collaboration agreement with the best international service networks, such as for example the Cleveland Clinic.

2. From Keralty, how will the economic recovery in the country be promoted in 2021?

Our purpose is to take care of people, our users and our employees. We believe that the best way we have to contribute to the recovery of the country is to take care of them and their families, ensuring economic conditions that allow them to continue generating value for the country. For this reason, we continue to hire backup personnel for the pandemic, which also has an influence on taking better care of people. During 2020, we hired more than 3,000 additional professionals in Colombia to reinforce all our Covid and non-Covid service centers. These include the staff of the El Carmen Clinic in Barranquilla, of the new Covid care centers, as well as all the staff hired in the telemedicine area to provide virtual care. The home care area also grew significantly to serve all our users at home and the laboratory area increased to carry out the PCR tests that increased considerably in the year and that will continue to be practiced during 2021.

For us, contributing to society is vital, it is in our DNA. That is why in 2021 we will continue to support the scientific community, people through our Keralty Foundation and the environment, reinforcing our program for the responsible use of resources.

We hope that 2021 will be a year in which we continue to invest and grow to benefit both the population we serve, and the country, due to the generation of employment that is going to be produced.

3. What are your projections for 2021 regarding the opening of clinics and medical centers?

We will reinforce all vaccination areas, which includes investment and personnel because we are going to have exclusive areas for this and we are even thinking of having mass vaccination centers. Similarly, Colsanitas users will have new medical centers, primary care units and emergency centers, mainly located in those cities that have suffered the most from the pandemic due to lack of infrastructure; Medium-sized cities today have greater needs than regional capitals. For this, a stable framework will continue to be necessary to give us the peace of mind to carry out investments with all the guarantees.

By 2021 we hope to open new medical centers and continue to grow the dental and optical network in the regions.

4. What expansion plans do you have for Colombia?

In line with the above, we continue to innovate, thinking of new products and services that meet people’s needs. That is why during 2020 we launched our social care company, Versania. This included the opening of a hospice for palliative care, as well as a home care company called Human Laces, which seek to respond to the needs derived from the care of the most fragile people. In 2021, our network will grow with child rehabilitation centers, elderly care centers and mental health care centers, especially focused on adolescence and eating disorders.

5. What are your projections for user and affiliate growth for 2021?

We are confident that continuing to provide exceptional service, having the best technology and the best professionals and having the largest network in the country will allow us to maintain the growth rate we have had in recent years. We are over four million users and the goal, in a consolidated manner in Colombia, is to reach close to five million.

Likewise, we are working on new plans adapted to the pocket of each and every one of the people. These are plans that will have coverage, for example, home and outpatient care, with attractive and affordable value. Some of them are the Premium Plan or the Essential Colsanitas Plan, which seek to cover the most important health issues, not only in the large cities of Colombia, but also in some smaller cities.


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