A connected woman who takes off the dress of shyness: (My son practices this forbidden habit with great greed. What should I do)?… A sudden response from Heba Qutb shocks Amr Al-Laithi.!!

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My son is sixteen years old, and he engages in masturbation avidly, and I am ashamed to talk to him about its harmful effects, so how can I communicate with him? A question was received from a caller to Dr. Heba Kotb, a specialist in marital and family relations.

Dr. Heba Kotb advised the questioning mother during the Good Morning Arab program to go to a man her son trusts, such as a school teacher, a coach in the club, a relative, or a neighbor, because he will be better able to communicate with him.

The family specialist warned against using the language of command and prohibition in dealing with this issue with the adolescent boy, and said that the conversation must begin by advising him not to be extravagant in this matter, and not to resort to it except for necessity.

Dr. Heba Qutb confirmed that masturbation does not have any health damages, but the damages come from its excessive use, as it will lead to congestion in the pelvis that could affect fertility.

It will also lead, with its frequent use, to the consumption of the boy’s blood vessels and erectile glands, which will affect him when he marries.”

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