A consultant reveals the 9 most prominent causes of the “silent killer”… and a nutritional prescription to avoid its risks!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The consultant, family medicine assistant at King Fahd Medical City, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, revealed the most famous causes of high blood pressure, stressing that it does not have symptoms, and therefore it is called the “silent killer.”

Al-Ghamdi explained, according to “Okaz”, that there are two main types of hypertension; Primary or primary and occurs in about 90% of patients and has no clear cause, and secondary hypertension resulting from a cause and occurs in 2%-10% of patients, and among the most important causes are kidney problems, arteriosclerosis and some hormonal disorders such as thyroid activity and the use of some medications such as pills Contraception and sleep apnea.

Al-Ghamdi said: The factors that increase the incidence of high blood pressure are obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, stress and psychological pressures, chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, heredity and advanced age.

Al-Ghamdi pointed out that long-term high blood pressure leads to serious complications that may threaten human life, such as stroke or angina pectoris, heart failure or kidney failure, retinal hemorrhage and vision loss..

Al-Ghamdi called for a healthy lifestyle, such as eating more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, poultry and fish, and low-fat dairy products, reducing the intake of salt and saturated fats, exercising, quitting smoking, staying away from stress and taking medications on time to maintain the level blood pressure.

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