A Corsair plane expected in Martinique, is delayed because of an unruly passenger

The Corsair flight operating this Friday (August 12, 2022), the connection between Paris and Lamentin airport in Martinique, is late due to a serious incident caused by a passenger.

The Corsair SS 924 flight expected in the afternoon (August 12, 2022) in Martinique will be delayed due to an incident that occurred on board the aircraft.

This happened shortly after taking off from Paris/Orly. It is because of the “indiscipline” of a passenger according to the company that the plane had to turn around. According to some accounts from other passengers, she was smoking a joint and was aggressive towards the staff.

Corsair says there are no injuries.

The person in question was taken care of by the police when he disembarked.

An investigation will be carried out, Corsair said.

Companies prohibit smoking. Smoking on an airline flight today can create a chain of events resulting in a lifetime ban from flying, a hefty fine, or even jail time.

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