A couple of River fans fell from the window of a bus when they were on their way to the Monumental

2023-07-16 00:03:42

Two River fans are in serious condition after starring in an incredible accident, falling from a moving bus this Saturday in the town of San Miguel, when they were heading to the Monumental stadium. In the midst of the fervor and the songs that are usually part of the folklore of these trips, the truth is that at one point in the journey two of the fans, a man and a woman, fell from a window, with the vehicle in motion.

The consequences of the impact with the pavement and from a moving bus were obviously serious, with various traumatisms and, as indicated, the woman received several stitches in the head.

In a video that went viral on social networks, you can see the exact moment in which the two fans are thrown out of a window when the bus turns on the corner of Avenida Perón and Balbín. Another vehicle that was behind and that was part of the caravan was able to stop in time and avoid a tragedy, because the only thing missing from the irrational situation was that the bus that was following them would still have run over them.

Crying in the cold: the baby stolen from a hospital in Tartagal appeared in a vacant lot

In the place there were dozens of people filming the passing of the River fans, and when they saw what had happened, many of them went out to quickly assist the wounded.

As it became known, the girl in the accident is a 22-year-old girl, with blows to the head and treated at the Larcade Hospital. There she went with sutures in the most serious injuries, but at sunset she was discharged, while the man, also with numerous blows, stood up after the fall, but was hospitalized until major injuries were ruled out.

River became champion

In the duel corresponding to date 25 of the Professional League, River Plate became champion of the tournament by beating Estudiantes LP 3-1, with goals from Lucas Beltrán, Nicolás De la Cruz and Ezequiel Barco, from a penalty. Mauro Mendez discounted for the visit. With this result, he took the championship title before it ended.

The last time they had met, on October 5, 2022, the match ended with a 5-0 win in favor of the Millionaire. El Pincha attended this match after losing 2-1 against Barcelona de Guayaquil in a duel corresponding to the Copa Sudamericana.

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