A deputy announces his withdrawal from the candidacy

MP Cesar Al-Maalouf regretted what was reported about Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s intention to refrain from running for office in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
He said in a statement that the absence of Prime Minister Hariri and what is represented by the Sunni community from the electoral scene “removes the character of the charter from the electoral merit, just as happened with the Christians’ boycott of the 1992 elections.”
He added, “The exit of this sovereign national component from the electoral race is an abolition of Lebanon’s idea of ​​pluralism and diversity,” citing the late great thinker Michel Chiha, who said that the abolition of any sect in Lebanon is the abolition of Lebanon.
Al-Maalouf announced his solidarity with Hariri’s position, leading to “my reluctance to run for elections in the event of Hariri’s reluctance.”

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