A fifth of Swiss employees want to change jobs

Zurich (awp) – Almost 20% of Swiss employees are considering a job change in the next twelve months. A better salary and a job that gives more satisfaction are the main reasons cited by respondents in a survey conducted by the consulting firm PWC.

“Job satisfaction is somewhat lower in Switzerland compared to other countries,” noted PWC Switzerland’s managing director, Andreas Staubli, quoted in the statement on Tuesday. It is registered at 50%, against 57% abroad.

Two factors play an important role in the world of work, namely equity and personal fulfillment, recalls the study “PWC’s Global workforce hopes and fears survey 2022”.

Companies must adapt to the changes taking place in the world of work, namely a hybrid model where employees can work from home and from the office. “The results show that the wave of layoffs currently affecting English-speaking countries could also affect Switzerland,” say the authors of the study.

Around 78% of survey participants want to be able to use a hybrid working model, but remote working is less possible in Switzerland (45%) compared to other countries (54%).

Furthermore, the study highlights that women feel less valued in their work than their male colleagues due to salary differences. Younger generations are also less satisfied with their jobs than their elders, and in particular fear losing their jobs due to the advancement of technology.

A company’s progress on environmental and societal issues is also becoming increasingly important to employees.


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