A first farm of mink contaminated by Covid-19 in France

France is in turn for the first time to detect the presence of Covid-19 in a mink farm, south-west of Paris, the government announced on Sunday.

“The slaughter of all 1,000 animals still present on the farm and the elimination of products from these animals” have been ordered, wrote in a statement the ministries of Agriculture, Health and Transition ecological.

Of the four mink farms in France, one is unharmed and “analyzes are still underway in the last two”, the results of which are expected during the week.

Several European countries have already reported contamination of mink farms, mainly in Denmark, with the recent discovery of a variant virus, but also in the Netherlands, then in Sweden and Greece, and isolated cases have been detected in Italy. and in Spain.

Cases have also been detected in the United States.

On Saturday, hundreds of Danish breeders demonstrated by tractor in Copenhagen, to protest against the government decision to slaughter the entire herd in order to fight against a problematic mutation of the coronavirus. The Danish authorities noted Thursday that this mutation was very likely extinct.

The French government stressed on Sunday the importance of barrier gestures in this context as well: to protect mink from contamination from staff working on farms, but also, as a precaution, to avoid contact between possibly infected animals and the employees.

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