A first in Wallonia: Braine l’Alleud offers you (part of) your full tank of gas

The CPAS of Braine l’Alleud has decided to intervene financially in order to help the workers and volunteers of its city.

Of course, to get this help, you will have to meet a few criteria. First of all, the budget for fuel-related expenses must be equivalent to or greater than 20% of the remuneration for the month of March 2022. Then, you must be bound by an employment contract at least half-time or prove a volunteer activity. And lately, it will be pointless to try your luck if you have a gas card or similar benefits.

Concretely, the CPAS proposes to withdraw the equivalent of one euro per liter on the total of the monthly invoice

Here is a concrete example:If Mr. X received a salary of 1,700 euros net for the month of March 2022 and filled up 4 times with 50 liters of diesel at 2.07 euros per litre. This makes 415.60 euros of fuel expenses for the month of March, or 24.45% of his net monthly salary. If the file is complete and he meets all the other conditions, the CPAS will pay him aid of 1.07 euros X 200 liters, or 215.60 euros. details the public center for social action.

For a month… and maybe more

It is not necessary to already have recourse to assistance or to be registered with the CPAS to benefit from this intervention. Indeed, the proposal is aimed at all workers or volunteers who live on the territory of the municipality of Braine-l’Alleud. “This measure aims to help low and middle earners who can no longer fill up to go to work. I am thinking in particular of caregivers, delivery people but also people who travel long distances to go to work” explains Pierre Lambrette, president of the CPAS brainois.

The offer will be made on the basis of income for the month of March 2022 and will last for the whole month of April. Depending on demand, this may or may not be extended.

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