A flying surfboard developed in Quebec

A self-propelled, fully electric surfboard capable of flying over the waves is being developed in Shawinigan.

If there are similar nautical devices produced in China, the Defyen board is the first model designed in Quebec. This is equipped with a turbine and an airplane fin below the waterline.

Once hoisted up, the surfer connects at ankle level and picks up a command. By moving and adding to the speed, up to 28 km/h, he will be able to lift the device a few centimeters and fly level with the waves.

“We put a lot of weight up front. Once the board starts to come out of the water, you slowly back up on the board and the board picks up the slack and you are able to stay out of the water while keeping the turbine in the water so that she doesn’t get air. If you stay at the maximum height, you are able to come out about 24 inches from the water and keep it there for an hour or an hour and a half, ”explained designer Dylan Lessard, who works for the subcontractor. in Delastek aeronautics in Shawinigan.

However, we are still only at the experimental stage from a prototype. The Quebec hover board cannot be marketed for another year, after obtaining approval from Transport Canada.

The nautical toy could retail for around $20,000.

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