a form of weariness for the demonstrators?


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M. Damoy, M. Dreujou, G. Jongis

France 3

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1.3 million people were in the street, Thursday, February 16, according to the CGT. This is almost half the number of five days earlier, when the union claimed 2.5 million demonstrators. School vacation period and the weight of strike days on the wallet explain this drop, according to opponents of the reform.

“Always with a raised fist”. To the tunes of Amel Bent, the demonstrators continue to express their opposition to the pension reform wanted by the government, Thursday, February 16 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Determined to give voice, they were less numerous than the last weeks in the street. “A little less, it’s also the period that makes people save for later”analyzes a 31-year-old social worker who came with her child.

Step up a gear

4,500 people were present according to the prefecture in the streets of Rouen, it is twice less than the previous week, for this demonstration in full period of school holidays. To spare their ends of the month, some organize themselves. “Each time I did half-days so I must have lost around sixty euros”says Alexandre, 32, for whom the sacrifice is worth it “if anything can be done against the project”. Some now believe that we must move up a gear. Many are now betting on March 7 and a possible France shutdown to bend the executive.

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