A gathering of 190 Catholics in the Orne would be at the origin of several cases

A Catholic priest. Drawing. – Konrad K. / Sipa

In the Orne, a gathering of Catholics from the west of France is believed to be the cause of several cases of coronavirus. The event, organized by the Emmanuel community, took place from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 October at the La Chapelle-Montligeon sanctuary. It brought together 190 participants, reports West France.

According to a communication manager of the organizer, questioned by the regional daily, the health protocol decreed by the prefecture was “scrupulously respected”, with masks, gels and distancing. The department was then in “active circulation zone” of the virus, specifies France Bleu Normandie.

Organizations and prefecture not notified

After the rally, the participants returned to Nantes, Rennes, Angers or Brest. But some developed symptoms of Covid-19 three days later. On October 30, the Emmanuel community therefore decided to send an email alert to all those present during the event. In addition, the sanctuary of Montligeon has been warned. About thirty people work there.

According to West France, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the Primary Health Insurance Funds (CPAM), which should normally ensure the tracing of cases, were not alerted. For his part, the organizer defends himself and indicates that “up to 1,500 people, there was no prefectural authorization” on that date. The Orne prefecture was not indeed notified of the gathering. At the moment, the number of cases detected is not known. They could be “ten, maybe more”, indicates to France Bleu an official of the Emmanuel community.

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