A gun was found on the side of the road in Keelung, and the police were reported to trace and arrest 1 suspect

The Keelung police received a report at the end of November. A citizen found a pistol at a roadside corner in Xinyi District. After filtering by the police, he arrested a man surnamed Liu on the 4th. After that, it was handed over according to the law, and the traceability and investigation continued.

A gun was found on the roadside in Keelung, and the police were reported to track down and arrest 1 suspect!

The Xinyi Police Station of the Second Branch of the Keelung City Police Department received a report at the end of November that there was a gun, a magazine and 4 rounds of bullets in a dark corner of the roadside in Xinyi District. The police immediately set up a task force. Involved in serious suspicion, on the morning of the 4th, officers were sent to ambush in the area of ​​Xinfeng Street. When Liu Nan appeared, the officers immediately stepped forward to arrest him.

The police then took Liu Nan back to the rented house to search, and seized a package of drugs such as amphetamines and a set of inhalers. After the investigation of the whole case, he was transferred to Keelung on suspicion of violating the regulations on the control of firearms, ammunition, and knives and the regulations on the prevention and control of drug hazards. The District Attorney’s office investigates.

In addition, the Yilan County Police Department stated today that the police planned the “Weili Sweeping Project Operation” to expand random inspections of places with public security concerns such as electronic amusement parks, hotels, KTVs, skin care and health salons, and massage salons. Late last night, 123 police officers were mobilized to raid 30 The Department carried out a temporary inspection and seized 2 drug wanted criminals.

Responsible editor: Yu Weining

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