A heart for Mariana: she is in an induced coma and urgently needs a transplant to continue living

Mariana Ditzel is in an induced coma and also urgently needs medication to survive

Mariana Ditzel have dilated non-compaction cardiomyopathy and is first on the national waiting list for a donor. She is hospitalized in Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos AiresA heart awaits. But due to a relapse his life also depends on urgent medication.

renzo mamani He has been Mariana’s partner for 5 years. They have no children and live in Comodoro Rivadavia. In dialogue with Infobae, explained the situation he is going through with his life partner: “It is a congenital disease that he inherited from his father. Because of that, since she was a little girl, she always had check-ups and everything was always fine until she started showing symptoms two years ago,” she explained.

“We started seeing pulmonologists and ended up with cardiologists. During these two years he was treated with pills to stop the disease. I had to travel to Buenos Aires every two or three months for check-ups and about two months ago the cardiologists saw that the disease was not slowing down the progression and they began to talk about the option of a transplant “, he recounted.

Faced with this scenario, both decided to return to the Federal Capital on January 13 last so that Mariana could undergo a teletransplantation study, which is the usual procedure that is carried out in this type of case to find out if the person is in a position to receive the heart.

“It was a scheduled study and I was only going to be hospitalized for two days. But during those two days he had a very large arrhythmia that caused him to stop. She was unemployed for 14 minutes, they managed to revive her and connected her to an ECMO, the machine that replaces the heart and her lungs”, she recalled.

Without many other alternatives while waiting for the transplant, Renzo and the family search all the pharmacies for a medicine that can help them prolong their wait.

Mariana’s family started a campaign to get a heart

“The drug they were giving him is called heparin. She generated antibodies to that antigoagulant and that is very dangerous, because it can generate clots, thrombosis, among other complications. What the doctors did at the time was to administer another drug, bivalirudin, from Bagó. But the problem was that it was discontinued. AMUPRUX is the name of the drug from Raffo laboratories that can replace bivalirudin. In the United States it is called Angiomax. They are also anticoagulants that were discontinued a few years ago”, explained Mamani.

Despite the difficulties in finding any of these remedies in Argentina, the young woman’s family does not give up and they trust that perhaps they could get it “in a pharmacy in the country, some hospital or clinic, in which it has not been sold or used”.

“It may happen that in some corner of the country there is a remnant that has not been used and it would help us a lot. In that case it gives us a small head start while we wait for the transplant. She has been in an induced coma since the 14th (January) and since the 19th she enters the first national emergency, as she is connected to the ECMO”, he remarked.

For Renzo, everything he is currently experiencing “is like a race against time, it is a day to day”, because “you have to pray that the machines do not generate complications in your body”, which “is the greatest risk” .

“Impotence is terrible because of age, because of the type of person Mariana is. A person who has no evil, completely noble, with principles. One wonders why just her. The situation becomes desperate because you don’t know how to help”, he lamented.

However, despite how hard the time is going through, he does not lose hope of finding a donor for his partner and reflected on everything that is happening: “Only when one is in this situation, do you realize the number of people waiting for a transplant and then you begin to realize how little publicity there is on the subject. It must be very hard to decide whether to donate the organs of a loved one or not, but it is the opportunity to give life,” he stressed.


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