“A hell of a plague”, Ivanka Trump knocked out by her former best friend

Ivanka Trump , Fille de Donald Trump

Lysandra Ohrstrom, 38-year-old journalist and former best friend of Ivanka Trump, wrote an inflammatory article about Donald Trump’s daughter in the Vanity Fair. In this post, the editor does not spare her ex-best friend and denounces her attitude “plague”.

Lysandra and Ivanka attended the same private school on the Upper East Side in New York City. Over the years, the two young women have formed a strong friendship. The day Jared Kushner asked for Ivanka’s hand, Ivanka chose Lysandra as her maid of honor. However, as the journalist explains in her article, their friendship ended abruptly the day after the wedding.

In her article, Lysandra Ohrstrom decided to lift the veil on Ivanka’s true personality. She says: “Ivanka was charming and precocious as a teenager, which appealed to adults. On the face of it, she was calm and broke with her father’s rudeness, but in private she was just as obsessed with money and found it hard to hide it. ”

“A hell of a plague”

Her old friend also remembers that when they were together at school, Ivanka would encourage the students to show their breasts to passers-by at the window, but when the teachers noticed it, she denied it outright. “She always managed to get by with the teachers. It was a hell of a plague, ”writes the journalist.

Lysandra Ohrstrom also explains that Donald Trump’s daughter judged the wealth of others. “Since when can a teacher buy a BMW?” She once said. Another day, as the two friends were watching a movie together, Ivanka said: “Why does a policeman live in a big house like this? It’s impossible.”

Donald Trump

The journalist has met Donald Trump several times. One day, he asked her if his daughter was “the prettiest in the class”. “He was stunned when I told him she wasn’t, but was probably in the top five,” she said. The woman also remembers the time the businessman congratulated her on her weight loss.

Eventually, the friendship between Lysandra and Ivanka ended after the latter’s marriage. “I wanted to talk to Ivanka about my new job and asked her if she was interested in the topic. She told me she had other things to do. ” Since then, the two women are no longer in contact.

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