A lie and an ugly game .. Al-Khudairi reveals a surprise about the comprehensive medical tests and identifies two cases to conduct

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Student, Professor of Carcinogen Research, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi; Not to perform medical tests except for a health reason or symptoms of a disease

Al-Khudairi added; Through his account on “Twitter”, the analyzes read differently from one person to another according to age, gender, weight and medical history; Because it raises obsessions and many questions.

He continued: “(Q) did a comprehensive analysis and was struck with hypochondria, and he went to a doctor and said to him: I was wrong! All these results do not give a diagnosis because of the difference in your age, weight, and health history, and they are not necessary.”

He continued in a previous tweet: “What some commercial laboratories call a special offer for analysis is a lie and an ugly game aimed at profit.

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