A lightning surprise… What is the truth about the appearance of a second wife for the late Nour El Sharif from the artistic community other than (Bossi) and her claiming her share of the inheritance… the reaction of his daughter Mai shocked everyone!

As his life was full of controversial events, the late artist Nour Sharif caused a sensation after his departure, after news of his marriage was circulated in secret.

The news talked about a customary marriage that took place between Nour El Sherif and the Tunisian artist Dora, who has enjoyed since her appearance on the Egyptian art scene in 2007, and in a short period of time was able to be one of the most important movie stars and television dramas in Egypt, thanks to her talent and remarkable presence.

Three years ago, rumors swept through social media and the media about the marriage of the late artist Nour El Sharif to Tunisian artist Dora, which spread extensively.

And the artist, Dora, denied all that was raised about this matter, as she said in press statements, that these are ridiculous rumors that have no basis in truth.

Dora commented on the matter through her account on “Facebook”, writing: “The promoters of false rumors on Facebook and everyone who publishes and comments on them, fear God and the sufficiency of distorting respectable people with fabricated words that have nothing to do with the truth … something really ridiculous.”

According to the rumor, Nour Al-Sharif married Dora a year before his death, and far from the media, and that Nour Al-Sharif’s family was aware of the marriage, and that she deprived her of the inheritance after his departure.

This rumor was further spread by the lack of a response from Nour al-Sharif’s family, as Bossi and his two daughters, “May and Sarah”, remained completely silent so far.

The reason for the spread of the rumor is a question that the Tunisian artist answered on a local Tunisian channel, during which she talked about the late artist, whom she loved and cherished as her father, a statement that some misunderstood, and thought that they were lovers, and some increased and confirmed that they were a married couple in secret.

Dora began her acting career in Egypt in 2007, after she succeeded in joining the film team, “Heya Fawda”, directed by the late Youssef Chahine, who liked her performance and gave her the role, and considers that the “global” choice of her is what implanted confidence in the hearts Who did you collaborate with next?

Dora played a distinguished role in Egyptian cinema, starting in 2007. Among her most prominent works in Egyptian dramas were “Shame”, “Lahazat Harega”, “Al-Rayyan”, “Adam”, “The Fourth Wife” and “The Prison of Al-Nisa”.

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