A Lyon start-up at CES 2021 in Las Vegas

Photo ProovStation – siteweb

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will take place online from Monday to Thursday, will be one of Lyon’s start-ups whose invention could revolutionize automotive inspection.

La Start-up ProovStation, created in 2017 by Lyonnais, will be present at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the major meeting of technological innovation in the world. This year, this show will be visible only online due to sanitary conditions.

ProovStation will present, from Monday to Thursday, its creation which consists in analyzing the state of a vehicle in the space of three seconds only thanks to a gantry equipped with 20 optical sensors and a luminous arch, reports the 20 minutes in its columns. The sensors carry out a complete check-up of the automobile and make it possible to make an accurate assessment of “damage to the vehicle, to quantify it and then to quantify the amount of repairs” explains Cédric Bernard, president and co-founder, for 20 minutes. Gabriel Tissandier) of the start-up. The latter adds, “[…] an inspection is thirty minutes on average on a vehicle, a lot of paperwork with the customer and therefore a lot of potential conflicts. We save time. And time is money ».

ProovStation claims to have already conquered 13 countries with no less than “80 stations being deployed“. A fundraising of 10 million euros will soon be launched in order, in particular, to establish itself in the United States. The goal, in the long term, is to establish itself wherever vehicles require frequent control (airports , rental signs, garages, etc.). Proovstation in leasing, it will cost 5,000 euros per month, with follow-up for five years.

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