A major catastrophe and a painful end… Tamer Hosni is subjected to a horrific fate in Jordan and sadness overwhelms everyone… and a close source tells the details of the horrific accident?!

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Many news sites and some pioneers of social networking sites were buzzing with news that the artist, Tamer Hosni, had been in a traffic accident.

The “Khabarni” website had reported that the artist Tamer Hosni was involved in a traffic accident on the Amman-Jerash road, without mentioning any other information about the accident.

The artist Tamer Hosni broke his silence to clarify the truth of Mancher, as he denied the rumors that he had been in a traffic accident, explaining the truth of the matter.

Tamer Hosni wrote on his official Facebook page: “Oh people, in the news that spreads, I did an accident. The truth is that it is not me. He is part of my work team. Praise be to God, he is fine and like a monkey. Thank God, today I performed the most successful concerts of my life among the beloved Jordanian audience on the Great Jerash Theatre. All thanks to all of Jordan and all thanks to all who asked about me and cared, may God protect you and protect us all.

Tamer Hosni was in Jordan to perform a concert within the activities of the Jerash Festival on Friday, August 5, and presented many of his famous songs.

During the past few days, Tamer Hosni released his new album, “Ashanji”, on the popular YouTube video site, and it includes 9 songs, produced by Rotana.

It is noteworthy that Tamer Hosni recently showed him the movie “I Love You”, written, directed and starring alongside Hana Zahid, Hoda Al-Mufti, Hamdi Al-Marghani and Medhat Ismail.

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