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The “Connect with Apple” function introduced with iOS 13 had a major security flaw. Thanks to it, a hacker could have taken control of your Apple account.

In order to further protect the privacy of its users’ data, Apple launched “Connection with Apple” with iOS 13. This function allows you to register and identify yourself on the applications that support it without having to enter any e-mail address or password. To do this, it’s Apple ID – essential for using the manufacturer’s products – which comes into play, and which allows authentication on third-party apps. Except that, despite Apple’s good idea and its practicality, the function is not without its faults. A security researcher, named Bhavuk Jain, has indeed alerted Apple to a major flaw in “Connection with Apple” last April.

This zero-day flaw is not so much to blame on Apple as on third-party developers, who did not necessarily choose to adopt additional security when the option was in place. In fact, this flaw was based precisely on the sending of the authorization of the application to Apple’s servers. It was precisely during this transfer that the flaw was located, since hackers could then intercept the data, then have the authorizations validated directly on Apple’s servers. Result: they could then take control of the Apple account, with the importance that we know him. It is indeed on this single account that all of Apple’s products and ecosystem are based, and its hacking could have dramatic consequences for the user concerned. Fortunately, the flaw has since been corrected by Apple. Bhavuk Jain communicated it to the Cupertino company, which later rewarded him with a nice check for $ 100,000. The fortress of Apple’s ecosystem has therefore become inviolable again… until the next such breach.

New Apple iPhone SE ...

New Apple iPhone SE …

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