A mother from Viedma asked to stop paying child support for her 28-year-old daughter

2023-12-12 22:01:04

A mother requested the cessation of child support for her daughter, who turned 28 years old. The court request was made because an agreement approved eight years ago was in force by which both the mother and the father contributed a monthly fee.

The resolution of the Viedma Family Judge was taken directlywithout consulting the daughter, with the sole verification of age.

Furthermore, sand issued a letter to the women’s employer organization to stop the discounts which were carried out directly every month. The mother paid 10 percent of her salary. The initial agreement also involved a payment from the father.

As established in the Civil Code in the chapter of “Duties and rights of parents. Food obligation”the obligation of both parents to provide support to their children extends until they are 21 years old, unless the obligated party proves that the adult child has sufficient resources to provide it themselves.

At the same time, article 663 clearly includes the exceptions after reaching the age of 21, such as in this case “Eldest child who is trained. The obligation of the parents to provide resources to the child subsists until the child reaches the age of twenty-five, if the pursuit of studies or professional training in an art or trade prevents him from providing himself with the necessary means to support himself independently. That is to say, the obligation of these parents after the age of 25 was fulfilled.

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