A new service from November 1st

As part of the digital transformation of the Administration and the improvement of the business climate, in particular for actions related to the strategic axis relating to access to land and town planning, the filing and issuance procedure the certificate justifying the payment of taxes and duties on the building, subject to transfer or transfer, will be dematerialized, indicates the General Treasury of the Kingdom in a press release.

The issuance of this certificate is dependent on the opinion of the municipality as to the tax situation of the property with regard to the taxes it manages, specifies the same source, noting that the time limit for municipalities to respond to requests is 48 hours from the day following receipt by the municipality of the request for an opinion sent to it by the public accountant.

To do this, the TGR has deployed on its portal a secure access tele-service allowing the competent services of the municipalities to inform the accountants responsible for issuing the said certificate on the tax situation of the property subject to sale or transfer, let know the press release.

This tele-service also has several functionalities, in particular the notification by the public accountant via email of the request to the competent services of the municipality, the communication by the services of the municipality, if necessary, of additional documents or information and communication of the amount and type of taxes on the building still to be paid.

It also involves the production by notaries, adouls or other requesters of additional documents or information required, and the relaunch of the request for the opinion of the municipality in the event of exceeding the time limit for responding to it.


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