A new update from “Apple” may cost you a lot… Beware this feature!

did Apple company Updates App Store rules, so that subscriptions can automatically renew without explicit user permission, even if the developer raises the monthly or annual price.

Prior to the latest update, users had to manually sign up for a subscription renewal if it was accompanied by a price hike; Now, this will not necessarily be the case, although you will still be notified about the price change before it happens.

Apple said it’s making the change to help avoid users inadvertently opting out of apps because they miss the enable message.

And according to what Apple published on Monday evening, there are specific conditions that developers must follow if they want to offer what the company calls an “auto-renewable subscription price increase,” according to The Verge, which was seen by Al Arabiya.net.

Apple’s rules state that if an app developer increases the price of a weekly or monthly subscription by more than 50%, and exceeds $5, he is not eligible for this feature.

For an annual subscription, developers can still raise the price by 50%, but they can’t raise it more than $50 without having to be enabled.

To clarify: If the annual subscription value in an application is $60, developers can raise it to $90 ($60 plus 50%), and it will renew automatically without the need for a manual subscription.

If the monthly subscription is $ 15, and the developers want to raise it to $ 22, although the increase is less than 50%, it exceeds the $5 ceiling set by “Apple”, and therefore the user will have to renew the subscription himself, and the application will not be eligible for automatic increment.

The price can only be raised once per year without the need for a subscription, which helps prevent fraudulent apps from slowly increasing their price by a dollar or two every two months.

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