A Peruvian court indicted Bill Gates, Soros and Roc …

A Peruvian court affirmed in a ruling based on conspiracy theories that the coronavirus it was a creation of the “criminal elites worldwide” made up, according to the judges of this court, by billionaires such as George Soros, the family Rockefeller and the businessman Bill Gates.

The magistrates Tito Gallegos, Luis Leguía and Tony Changaray, belonging to the Criminal Appeals Chamber of Chincha and Pisco, tried to explain the reasons why they delayed in hearing the appeal of a defendant who asked that his preventive detention (provisional ), but whose request had not been resolved due to the pandemic.

As a justification for the delay in issuing the ruling, this collegiate court of the Superior Court of Justice of Ica assured that The pandemic had an “unpredictable” character except for its creators, “who managed it and continue to direct it with extreme secrecy within their world environments and corporations.”

“No world government, natural and legal persons, nor the defendant’s defense can maintain that this pandemic has the quality of ‘foreseeable’, except for the creators of the new world order such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc”, said the resolution, posted on the LP Law portal.

An ancient conspiracy theory

The document of the Superior Criminal Court of Appeals of Chincha and Pisco He asserted that the coronavirus was “created by the criminal elites that dominate the worldand then he quoted financial investor George Soros, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the billionaire Rockefeller family, whom he accused of “managing” and “continuing to direct” the virus in the “new world order.”

In this way, the judges echoed one of the many conspiracy theories that were raised last year as a result of the pandemic. These ideas are in turn fueled by fake news, which skyrocketed with the appearance of Covid-19 and ended up generating disinformation that was classified as an “infodemic” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although the WHO confirmed in May that the new virus has an animal origin and dismissed the idea that it could have been created in a laboratory, supposed alternative origins continued to circulate.

These include speeches about its creation by pharmaceutical companies interested in increasing their economic benefits and even Plots of Bill Gates or Soros as promoters of a supposed plan to control the population through vaccines and 5G.

Investigation of judges

Given the repercussion that the content of the court’s resolution had on public opinion, the Decentralized Office of Magistracy Control (Odecma) of Ica, located some 400 kilometers south of Lima, opened a preliminary investigation to the magistrates.

The objective of the investigation will be to gather elements that help determine the existence of alleged irregularities committed by the judges.


9 thoughts on “A Peruvian court indicted Bill Gates, Soros and Roc …”

  1. The CIA coined the term conspiracy theory. The opposing theorem would thus be of coincidence. Just as germ theory and Terrain theory oppose each other. Just saying something is a conspiracy theory does not refute the claim, rather the lack of evidence otherwise reaffirms the conspiracy. In a fascist state, the government controls the media.

  2. it says in the holy bible that those who seek shelter in The Lord doesnt need to fear the pestilence.


  3. This the BIG MISTAKE that everyone from David Icke down is making. IT IS NOTHING to do with “FASCISM”.
    What is happening worldwide is, actually COMMUNITARIAN COMMUNISM. We all need to understand WHO is behind this. On the surface it may look the same, but it is fundamentally different . China is the role-model they want the West to be like, all fitting into a mould, all slaves with an AUTHORITARIAN system that allows for no individual freedom.
    Just look at what that so-called ‘fascist’ figure Hitler ACTUALLY did for the German people in the 1930s. He was for THE HOMELAND, the RECOVERING OF THE RIGHTS of the VOLK, taken away at Versailles post WW1…rights of individuals to worship their own faith was NOT curtailed despite what your history books tell you. Please use the correct terminology. WE ARE BEING COMMUNISED, wake-up! CV19 is a HOAX!!!!!

  4. Yes I believe he could do something like that he’s got the means to and the money him and them families and yeah they want to start a new world order they can control the world I can believe something like that happened then boys that do something like it for a fact

  5. Andrew lindsey your quite right. Hitler turned germany around, without the leeching rothchild banking cartel sucking the life out of everything. He was determined to rid germany and europe of the banking scurge. It was churchill who struck the first blow, not hitler. Rem Auschwitz berkeneu, it was there long before the war started. It had to be. It was a free labour camp for the rothchild factory right next to it. Were they were making the weapons to sell to all opposing sides in the war the rothchilds had not started. They didnt care then as they dont care now in this banking cartel scamdemic. Of. Plandemic. If you keep hearing references to the climate to green ignore it.if you hear that true blue sweiss nazi claus schwab n his davos crap, ignore it. They are referencing the paris climate conference 2012. COPI 21. As in agenda21. Its when they re intro their control group the U.N. Agenda 21. Thats what this scamdemic of a plandemic is about. Populationreduction. The fact that the corupt usa is allowing a know phsyco nut job to rule and kill of millions by vaccine then you can see. The usa is not to be trusted nor should we have anything to do with these nut cases any more. Biden didnt win the election. They have been usy installing the rothchilds cia in every country. Including the uk. Thats why we had to step out of the eu. The imposed dictatorship of blow job boris n co. Are imposed upon us. We did not elect him. Neither did the french elect the rothchild banker macaroni.. the EU is a rothchild banking cartel control group. The imf, ecb, un, wto, who, nato are all thE brain child of rothchilds banking cartel. They are controlgroups. Now is the time to wake up. The nutjob gates started his world wiide vaccine program years ago in africa and india. He got chased out. But returned with the backing of complicit governments. Stand up and take your life your right yo life back.

  6. Thank you very much all of you guys. My eyes ???? are open thank for making this site and thanks for all of you sharing this valuable experience and information with us…….

  7. Conspiracy fact is more like it.. overwhelming evidence already. Hows about the signed accord and patents between fraudci and the NAID and NiH crew and dazack and the bat lady im wuhan, they evidence pre plandemic contracts and patents that prove joint ownership of the moderna mRNA vaccine with NIH, well before the plandemic was released. People need to grow their own brains.


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