A police officer and an employee died in an assault with hostage taking in Zárate

2023-04-28 03:24:00

Another Buenos Aires police officer died in a confrontation with criminals, this time in Zaratewhen an armed group entered to rob a business selling coal, but a call alerted the police and when the thieves wanted to escape there was a strong shooting, in which, in addition to a policeman, a young employee of the business lost his life .

The business in question is located in the kilometer 13 of route 193, and there arrived tonight in two cars five subjects who came down armed for the purpose of robbery. However, it is not clear if it was one of the employees or a neighbor, the truth is that there was a quick call to 911 alerting of the assault, and a mobile from the Zárate Patrol Command arrived immediately, which led to a strong shootout with the thieves when they tried to escape.

Given the course that events were taking, the criminals took the employees hostage, and in that shooting that broke out, the officer was seriously injured. Osmar Osvaldo Cantero, 25 years old. The public servant managed to be transferred still alive to the Zárate Hospital, but he died when he was operated on in a desperate attempt by the doctors to save his life.

Robbery, hostage taking and tragedy in Zárate

Meanwhile, the store employee who also died was identified as Luciano Padrón, barely 22 years old, and the circumstances of how he was shot are clear, if it happened when he tried to resist by the thieves, or if instead in the shooting and when the thieves held the workers hostage, he received an accidental police bullet.

Finally, it was indicated that the other police officer who was injured is a 37-year-old sergeant, who was hospitalized with a bullet in the leg, but out of danger.

The tremendous event was under investigation by the head of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) number 7, Andrea Palacios, of the Zárate-Campana Judicial Department.


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