A Prince in New York 2: criticism, reactions and memes after the premiere on Amazon Prime Video | Spoiler

A Prince in New York 2 generated many expectations with its premiere this Friday on the screen of Amazon Prime Video. The movie of Eddie Murphy came 33 years later to reissue the classic from the eighties and the release spanned several generations. However, once it was released, it provoked mixed criticism and there were those who described it as “failed and disappointing sequel”. Why?

The plot takes up the story of Prince Akeem Joffer, who becomes the King of Zamunda after the passing of his father Jaffe. The new monarch is concerned that he does not have a male heir and he discovers that on his visit to New York in 1988 he had a bastard son. Return to the United States and reunites with his firstborn to start a series of conflicts with his original family.

The film has numerous references to the first and also has the return of some of its figures such as Arsenio Hall (Nothing), Shari Headley (Lisa McDowell), John Amos (Cleo McDowell) y James Earl Jones (Jaffe Joffer). It also contains the appearances of Jermaine Fowler (Lavelle), Leslie Jones (Mary) y Tracy Morgan (Reem). Among his cameos stands out nothing less than Morgan Freeman.

Reviews of A Prince in New York 2 on Amazon Prime Video

One day after its premiere, A Prince in New York 2 it already has criticism from specialists and some are very harsh. For him USA Today, is about “a failed and disappointing sequel”, Vulture indicated that “It doesn’t seem like the filmmakers wrote a new script, they just rewrote the old script.”, Cinema Blend said “the story used to set up this sequel is weak”, Variety expressed that “the sensitivity of the sequel has evolved so little”, for Espinof “It does not contribute anything in particular that justifies its existence” Y The Film Stage assured that “the film takes too long a road to arrive at a simplistic lesson”.

The ratings weren’t very auspicious either because IMDB gave it a 5.6 out of 10, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 51% approval rating. This last score was accompanied by a harsh text: “A Prince in New York 2 reminds audiences that there is an equally fine line between the sequel and the retread”.

The film tries to give a nod to the 1988 original, but has a plot that was also questioned by fans. In social networks, there were also negative comments due to the simplistic plot that the writers chose for this sequel. On the other hand, among the most important compliments was the performance of the cast, costumes and music.


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