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A private message appeared in which China Suárez talks about Pampita Ardohain: “She did the best business”

That Wanda Nara (34) and Mauro Icardi (28) already reconciled does not mean that the scandal has come to an end. It is that now some phrases came to light that Eugenia “China” Suárez (29) would have told the media about Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain (43), his old enemy.

Yanina Latorre (52), who during these days had permanent contact with Wanda, showed this Tuesday in The angels of the morning (El Trece, Monday through Friday at 11) some of the captures of a supposed chat between the model and the actress.

“He told me ‘my pain with the China is that we knew each other ‘and he forwarded very cynical chats (that he had) with her. There was a lot of photos and they are from 2018 “, said the panelist of the program conducted by Angel de Brito (45).

Pampita had avoided talking about the subject until now. What will you do after this?

“Here is one that compromises Pampita. I don’t know what they were talking about because Wanda is not stupid, she cuts off her part, and China tells her: ‘Yes of course. She (Ardohain) did the best business. Benjamin (Vicuña) is too good, too “.

Before reading the letter with which Mauro Icardi reconquered Wanda Nara, Latorre also assured that the businesswoman exchanged many photos of her daughters with China and that she always praised the beauty of Francesca (6) e Isabella (4), the girls he had with the soccer player of the PSG.

The war of Pampita and China Suárez

It all started some time ago in a motorhome. At the end of 2015, Benjamin Vicuña and Eugenia Suárez were the protagonists of the film The red thread. Pampita fell by surprise on the set to see her partner, and upon entering that vehicle intended for the artists’ rest in a filming, she would have seen them having sex, something that they publicly denied.

“There was a smell of sex and perspiration,” said the television presenter that time, and then hard-hitting chats leaked about what happened at the motorhome. “It was only the two of them, Benja was on top of her, I went in and he was on top of her, without clothes. Throughout the discussion she stayed in bed covering her tits,” described the native of La Pampa.

The ex Teen Angels He flatly denied what Pampita had said and gave his version of events. “I was lying down, covered with a yellow blanket, which I brought from Nepal, and eating an avocado,” Suárez declared, swearing that he had not been with Vicuña. In addition, it indicated that “she was verbally and physically assaulted”.

However, time proved Ardohain right, since China and Vicuña ended up together and had two children, Magnolia (3) and Amancio(1), and on more than one occasion both stepped on the stick when talking about when their relationship began.

In the last time there were good vibes winks between Suárez and Ardohain, such as, when Ana was born, the model’s daughter with Roberto García Moritan (44).

Both when China Suárez separated from Benjamín Vicuña and at the outbreak of the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, the jury of ShowMatch (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11:15 PM) refused to comment. So did her husband when he was asked about it on a television show.



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