a record of new cases established in Quebec

Two days after setting a record for new cases of COVID-19, Quebec is once again reaching one today.

In its most recent daily report on the COVID-19 pandemic, the government lists 1,480 new confirmed cases in the province, exceeding the record set Thursday (1,464) by 16. With this latest update, authorities report that the number total number of people infected in Quebec since the start of the pandemic is now 139,643.

In addition, the government reports 37 new deaths. Of these, 10 occurred in the past 24 hours, 23 between November 21 and 26, 2 before November 21, and 2 on an unknown date. The figure representing the total number of deaths stands at 7,021.

As for hospitalizations, they increased by nine compared to the previous day, bringing the total to 678. Of these people, 93 are in intensive care, an increase of three during the last day.

On November 26, 29,652 samples were taken in Quebec, for a total of 3,845,808.

A soldier appointed to manage the distribution of vaccines

At a press conference on Friday, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced the appointment of Major-General Dany Fortin as responsible for the vaccine campaign against COVID-19. He will lead the federal distribution operation.

The Canadian Armed Forces (DO) will help with planning, cold storage of vaccine doses, sharing of information to the public and distribution in both indigenous and rural communities.

As of November 28, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a total of 61,299,371 people around the world. In addition, the virus has caused 1,439,784 deaths, according to the most recent figures reported by World Health Organization (WHO). 220 countries have cases in their respective territories at the moment.

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