A resignation that solves nothing

2023-10-21 07:13:03


October 21, 2023

The Minister of Justice resigns after discovering that the Tunisian who killed twice on Monday in Brussels was the subject of an extradition request which remained without effect. Logical resignation, but the problem lies elsewhere.

Shortly after the tragedy, we quickly heard a little music from the government side, carried in front of the microphones by the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V). “Our return policy often presents shortcomings, contact with countries of origin often goes wrong, this is the case with Tunisia,” she pointed out at the start of the week.

Now a completely different version is coming to the surface. It will still take time to retrace the precise sequence of facts (and non-facts) which led to this tragedy, but it already seems clear that it could have been avoided. Firstly because an order to leave the territory was issued in 2021 to the murderer, without being followed up on. Then, because an extradition request was submitted in 2022 by his country of origin, without further consequences.

Two Swedish soccer fans were killed because a radicalized madman who shouldn’t have been there was there.

The truth catches up with the authorities. Justice did not do its job. Two Swedish football fans were killed becausea radicalized madman who shouldn’t have been there, was there. In this context, the resignation of Vincent Van Quickenborne is logical. As the responsible minister, he had no other choice but to accept this incredible error with irreversible consequences. But this political gesture does not resolve anything in substance, any more than the accusing finger pointed at the offending magistrate.

The evil is much deeper, much more serious. The problem is Brussels justice itself. The lack of resources, the lack of management and structures, the lack of organization pushes towards a form of judicial resignation in the face of crimes and offenses, and encourages a form of impunity incompatible with the rule of law. Political resignation or not, this is the main issue: putting the Brussels justice system back on track is a question of national security.

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