A retiree arrested in Germany for sending letter bombs to companies

A 66-year-old retiree has been arrested in Germany for sending letter bombs to the headquarters of the international discount supermarket chain Lidl, the baby food producer Hipp and the beverage manufacturer ADM Wild, according to the Heidelberg prosecutor’s office today. the Criminal Investigation Office of the federal state of Baden Württemberg. The man, without a criminal record and unknown to justice, was captured on Friday night without offering resistance in his own home by a special command of the police in the area of ​​the town of Ulm.

The prosecution in charge of the case indicated that the detainee has so far refused to give a statement. Tracing the postal items and the type of explosive used allowed the special commission in charge of the case after the three explosions in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to identify, locate and arrest the suspect, who is already in preventive detention.. In recent days, postal items were detonated at the ADM Wild factory in the town of Eppelheim and at the Lidl consortium headquarters in Neckersulm. The Bavarian police were also able to intercept a third letter containing explosives at a postal distribution center at Munich airport that had been addressed to the baby food manufacturer Hipp.

After exploding the first device in ADM Wild, causing a minor injury, the police created a special commission with a hundred officers to solve the case. Shortly thereafter, a second bomb exploded at Lidl headquarters, injuring three more, but none seriously. This morning special police forces evicted a distribution center of the postal and parcel delivery company DHL near Heidelberg. According to local media, a suspicious package burned itself and set off alarms.

Those responsible for the investigation indicated that evidence was found in the suspect’s home that implicates him in the events, although they did not give details. They also stressed that they consider it “unlikely” that other letter bombs could still be in circulation after the capture of the suspect. Nor have they reported on the reasons that led the detainee to send the letter bombs to the aforementioned companies, although an attempt at blackmail is presumed as the background of the events.


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