A Russian astronomer reveals an asteroid approaching Earth and sets a date for seeing it

announced a scientist Russian astronomy Gennady Borisov, that the asteroid “2023 BU” with a diameter of 5-6 meters will fly on Thursday, January 26, at a distance of a few thousand kilometers from Earth, according to RT.

Borisov said in an interview with the Russian news agency, Novosti: “Two days ago, I noticed the appearance of this asteroid while I was following what is happening in the sky. The spaceAnd all the data on this asteroid were sent to the Minor Planet Center, which published the news on the international confirmation page. Some observatories followed the movement of this asteroid, which was called “2023 BU” as a preliminary designation.

The diameter of this asteroid that flies towards Earth is estimated at 5-6 meters, but according to the scientist, such asteroids are not dangerous to Earth, although they fly a few thousand kilometers from our planet.

He says: “The diameter of this asteroid is very small. The diameter of asteroids that are dangerous to Earth is more than 150 meters.”

And Borisov adds, this asteroid will approach Earth on Thursday, January 26, 2023, and residents of the southern hemisphere will be able to see it using regular telescopes because its brightness level is good.

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