A Spaniard said that in Ireland they do not respect him and that they make fun of him for being called Nacho: ”Enough is enough!”

2023-11-14 00:00:00

In the digital world, curious stories do not rest, and this time it is Nacho Barrueco who shared a particular experience in Irish lands that went viral. on the platform TikTok@nachobarrueco_ revealed a curious situation that he faces every time he mentions his name.

Like nachos with cheese?

The anecdote begins with Nacho’s presentation in Ireland, where his name sparks laughter among the locals. “Like Nacho and cheese?” (“Like nachos with cheese?”) is the recurring response that generates laughter among the Irish.

The TikToker, with his characteristic humor, questions whether he is disrespected in Ireland, immersing himself in a fun cultural crossover.

Despite explaining that his name is quite common in Spain and comes from Ignacio, unusual reactions persist, especially among the boys at school, who do not miss the opportunity to make fun.

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