A Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian agreement to enhance cooperation in the field of combating terrorism

Syria – The Joint Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian Judicial Committee stressed the importance of strengthening legal and judicial relations between the three countries and cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and confronting it in all its forms.

The head of the Court of Cassation and member of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Hassan Shash, head of the Syrian side of the committee, explained in a statement he read at the conclusion of its work held today in the Ministry of Justice building in Damascus, “the importance of cooperation in filing the necessary lawsuits or filing complaints before foreign and international courts, and taking any legal or judicial action against Terrorist groups and organizations and the countries that support them, including monitoring the leaders and main elements of these groups and organizations that practice terrorism on the territory of the three countries or against their interests, prosecuting them and carrying out the necessary coordination to include them in the terrorist lists approved by the United Nations.”

For his part, the head of the Iraqi Judicial Supervision Authority, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, indicated in a statement to reporters that “cooperation between the three countries constitutes an important step in combating terrorism, continuing cooperation, exchanging information and experiences, and defending the rights of victims of terrorism before national and international courts,” noting that the meeting The next one will be in Baghdad, and will discuss what was agreed upon in Damascus, which will contribute to strengthening and consolidating the bonds of cooperation to draw a road map to combat terrorism in all its forms and types.”

The Deputy Head of the Iranian Judiciary for International Affairs, Dr. Kazem Gharibabadi, confirmed that it was agreed to form “a joint working team in accordance with the regulations and laws of the three countries, in which experts and delegates from the three countries will participate to document and condemn terrorist crimes, especially those committed by the Zionist entity on Syrian territory and the attack.” The terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus violates international law and the United Nations Charter, as it led to the martyrdom of many innocent citizens, including diplomats working at the Iranian consulate.

The three countries also agreed to work to document terrorist crimes by the competent authorities in each country, since these crimes have no statute of limitations, no matter how long it takes, in addition to the necessary judicial cooperation to confront economic terrorism that is practiced through unilateral coercive measures imposed by some countries against other countries. And the theft of national wealth, such as oil, antiquities, wheat, etc., especially what is happening in Syrian territory.”

The joint Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian judicial committee began its work yesterday with the aim of coordinating to combat the phenomenon of terrorism and exchanging views on the files and issues related to it, and the terrorist organizations that practice their activities in the three countries.

Source: SANA

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