A taste of Hideo Kojima’s next game?

Kojima Productions posted a cryptic image on their website that sparked a rumor among Hideo Kojima fans. Could this be a taste (teaser) for a new game not yet announced?

The image released this week shows the silhouette of a very dimly lit woman’s face with the words “Who am I?” (Who am I?) written over it. Of course, fans on Twitter immediately went into detective mode and tried to figure out the identity of the woman in the image. One of the most convincing hypotheses is the young actress Elle Fanning, known for her central role in Super 8 or in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

It’s already been three years since Hideo Kojima launched his last big game, Death Stranding, which gives him just enough time to start seriously developing his next IP. During an appearance made last June, he had also mentioned working with Xbox on a completely new game, separate from the Death Stranding franchise, which sequel rumors have been circulating for a while. As always, expectations are high for what the Japanese creator will present to us.

Kojima Productions studio’s official Twitter hasn’t released any more information about the teaser, but it did recently post a message meaning that no new games will be showcased at the Tokyo Games Show which takes place from September 15-18. 2022. So it would seem that the cryptic image is the only bit of information we will have for the moment. Hoping this leads to a game announcement related to “Who am I” eventually.

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