A terrifying and frightening appearance by the artist, Donia Batma, horrifies her audience after appearing without cosmetics, with shocking features! (Watch a video)

Moroccan actress Donia Batma recently appeared on social media with a very bold look, which she showed shocking features to her fans.

In the details, the Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, bought her through her personal account on the Instagram application, with a spontaneous look, without putting on cosmetics, without using the photo-editing feature known as “filters”, and without making a Photoshop modification to her look.

Donia Butma’s appearance shocked many of her fans and fans from the huge waist of Donia Butma, as they were accustomed to seeing her thin and sculpted, as her face seemed free of any cosmetics.

Donia Batma came out a few days after the site’s pioneers shared her look in a remarkable way and responded to those who circulated the photo and talked about the hugeness of her waist, through a photo she posted on her personal account on the Instagram application.

Where she appeared in the Moroccan caftan and tied a belt around her waist and swayed on the song “Mal Habibi Majash”, amid a great interaction of followers.

It is worth noting that the Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, is a singer, born in 1991, a descendant of the Batma family, known in Morocco.

She is the daughter of the artist Hamid Batma, the brother of the late Arab Batma, one of the founders of the legendary Moroccan band Nass El Ghiwane, and the late Mohamed Batma, one of the symbols of the famous singing group Al Mashaheb, and the cousin of the artist Khansa Batma and the artist Tariq Batma.

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