A tour of the house of Pascal Machaalani and Melhem Abu Chedid…a beautiful garden and a large swimming pool

2023-11-03 06:23:07

The Lebanese artist Pascal Machaalani and her husband, composer and music arranger Melhem Abu Shedid, are considered one of the most beloved and elegant duos in the artistic community, and this is reflected in their taste not only in art and songs, but also in the decor of their home, which they chose with great care, and in which they find comfort, away from the work atmosphere in the workplace. An art that involves a lot of effort.

Pascal and Melhem live in a house with a large garden and a large swimming pool, and they enjoy with their friends and family members during the summer.
The interior décor is classic, with many calm earthy colours, and there is boldness in some of the décor.

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