A Trailer For ELDRIMAR, An Action-RPG FPS

2023-07-31 21:18:30

Last month, the Honor Games studio ofDREAMS OF FIREan action-RPG game and survival horror, released a trailer revealing the story along with some gameplay footage. In the kingdom of the same name, necromancers stormed the city of Tier, where different races lived in harmony. All the inhabitants without exception were killed and turned into undead.

As a warrior of the people of Azator banished by the imbeciles of humans (always the same), you will embody Saron whose mission will be to rid you of the threat, as well as to open a portal to bring your people back to earth. promised. To do this, medieval fantasy world requires, you will have a sword, a crossbow and magic to get rid of knights, ghosts, skeletons and said necromancers.

At first glance, the graphics look quite nice. The combat system feels realistic with slow movement and damage localization, evidenced by this the blow to the leg of an enemy. A special mention for the suicide of the frog which must probably hide a double meaning on what awaits the player.

If you want to save what’s left ofDREAMS OF FIRE scheduled for release in 2023, you can add it to your wishlist from its page Steam.

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