a transfer at sea intrigues Italian justice

An investigation has been opened against several people working for the ship Ionian sea, operated byONG Italian Mediterranea. They are suspected of having received payment to disembark migrants on the Italian coast. Charges disputed by those responsible for this humanitarian mission.

This is a case that risks fueling controversy over the ships of NGOs operating in the Mediterranean, especially between Italy and Libya. On March 1, the Italian press revealed that an investigation was opened against four people working for the ship Ionian sea, owned by the NGO Mediterranea. Like others before him, the crew is accused of having “Favored illegal immigration”. But one thing complicates matters: those responsible for the ship have reportedly received money from a shipping company wishing to “Discard” migrants she had rescued at sea and had on board.

A complex case, of which The Republic deciphers the details:

Last September, the Danish freighter ‘Etienne’, owned by the Maersk company, has been carrying 27 migrants on board for more than thirty days, which it cannot disembark for lack of agreement with Malta. On September 11, the ship ‘Mare Jonio’ ​​joined the freighter and picked up the castaways, who disembarked the following day in Sicily. ”

“A secret economic agreement between


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