A US attack kills a terrorist and destroys Al Shabab facilities

A air attack of the forces of the United States Africa Command, in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, against a terrorist outpost has finished with life of a terrorist from the Islamic Al Shabab movement and has destroyed a complex from the same group near the city of Buulo Mareer, in the southwest of the country, according to Europa Press.

This has been communicated by the Africa Command (Africom) through a statement on Wednesday, in which they emphasize that “initial evaluations indicate that the attack killed a member of Al Shabab staff and destroyed a complex.”

They have also detailed that no civilian has been injured or killed as a result of this operation.

“This attack in Buulo Mareer, combined with the recent ones, shows our determination and degrades Al Shabab’s ability to threaten Somalia and its neighbors,” said US Air Force General Dagvin Anderson, also commander of the Joint Task Force-Quartz.

Anderson added that, in collaboration with the US partners, “we plan to leave no safe place for Al Shabab to hide.”

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Al Shabaab – linked to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda – increased attacks against government troops, the African Union Mission in Somalia and UN humanitarian operations during 2020.

Despite this rebound, in early December US President Donald Trump gave the order to withdraw most of the country’s forces from Somalia.


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