A US soccer player who hits dunks, welcome to All-Star Weekend

It’s the story of an American footballer who plays basketball and who puts down two or three very high-level highlights in a completely slammed match. Welcome to All-Star Weekend, submit the Top 10!

  • Everett Osbourne ignited the Celebrity Game, the opportunity to remember that, yes, there were two basketball games tonight in Salt Lake City.
  • DK Metcalf is more into US football logically, but he too showed his skills during the Celebrity Game.
  • Josh Giddey in the pass, Jabari Smith Jr. trailing, but, above all, Jabari Smith Jr. smiling.
  • Back in the life of DK Metcalf, who therefore laid more dunks in ten minutes than Tony Parker in his entire career.
  • Trey Murphy III gave a little preview of what he could offer us tonight in the dunk contest.
  • Mac McClung also warmed up for tonight, but we hope he doesn’t do that.
  • Andrew Nembhard, Jose Alvarado and Paolo Banchero all opted for the same hair style, only Sean Paul was missing to complete the party.
  • The power of Scottie Barnes’ hammer blow, it’s validated!
  • We love Jeremy Sochan who shoots throws, we love Jeremy Sochan who takes the axis and goes tomar.

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