A very beautiful famous anchor who ripped her clothes during the live broadcast? ..to reveal the hidden and hidden in front of everyone.! (Watch a very embarrassing video!)

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British broadcaster Josie Gibson was embarrassed after her clothes were torn from the bottom, revealing the underwear she tried to hide in front of viewers.

The video, as it appears, was from last year, but it made a big splash yesterday, as Josie was on a trip to the woods to shoot a report and she had an accident that tore her clothes and did not have time to wear other clothes or go back to her home and then to the filming location.

She was so embarrassed and tried to hide her underwear in her hand, but presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, who interviewed her from the studio of the popular “This Morning” in Britain, noticed it.

Philip asked her if her clothes were completely torn from the bottom, and Josie was silent, embarrassed, while a smile remained on her face.

The two announcers moved the live broadcast from her to give her enough time to come back in other clothes!

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