A video of the torture of a girl raises controversy in Ismailia… and the security forces are moving

08:38 PM

Thursday 14 July 2022

Books – Hossam El Din Ahmed:

Security forces in Ismailia Governorate are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of a video clip showing the beating of a child.

The details of the incident began with the circulation of a video clip showing a girl in her twenties being beaten by a person, which sparked a wave of controversy and reactions to the girl’s torture.

Statements attributed to one of the girl’s relatives, “her mother’s brother,” in which he confirmed that the incident dates back more than 6 months, and that the accused who appeared in the video clip is her mother’s husband.

The victim’s uncle explained that the girl’s mother’s husband deliberately beat her because the girl seized a sum of money “10 pounds” from her mother without her knowledge, which angered him and beat her.

He said that the girl’s mother left the house after the incident, and the husband assaulted her daughter, and moved to the city of Salam in Cairo Governorate, before he could reach her and persuade her to return to the marital home again.

He added that the accused assaulted the girl again, and I spoke to him about the matter, so that he spoke with her stepfather, explaining that the latter refused advice and threatened him, and indicated that the girl is still residing in her family’s home in the Al-Fardan area, which is affiliated with the Ismailia Second Police Department.

For its part, the investigation forces of the second Ismailia Police Department were able to identify the accused of assaulting and injuring the girl.

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